Posted By Jason Green @ Oct 29th 2021 11:25am In: Market Updates

Be careful and DON'T do your homework....

Hope this letter finds you well and you're ready for the Fall Season. Confusing title for sure, but wanted to share a few experiences I have had lately with Sellers who thought they had done their homework on finding what their property is worth. Most sellers in this market are putting their faith in Zillow and on valuations for their very cautious of trusting these sites and software as they have proven (lately) to be very inaccurate. In fact, in most cases in the Dunes area, they are way off on what the real value is in today's ever-changing market. In a few instances as much as $225,000 OFF!! Can you imagine?

The sites (ZILLOW, REALTOR & can't keep up with our supply and demand issues, the new construction costs, or the quantum leaps that are taking place in our luxury market. You need an experienced guide who is studying the market, data, and trends on a daily basis. I have helped over 115 families in the Dunes since January of 2020, the next closest agent (outside of GDP) has less than 30 in the same time frame...Let me do the homework and TRUST that you are in good hands. The market is still very strong with limited inventory so it is a great time to consider coming on the market. I am on standby if you would like to chat.
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